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Windows Phone Assets is a development library for Windows Phone developers. This library enhances and extends existing features and controls of the Windows Phone SDK.

Notification Tool
Notification Tool is a replacement for the non-customizable Windows Phone MessageBox native control. The NotificationTool custom control has Control Template, and is fully customizable, providing freedom for picking different user actions.

Extended Application Bar
Extended Application Bar is a custom control providing missing features in the existing native Windows Phone AppBar, such as Commands and Data Binding. Using Windows Phone Extended Application Bar you can easily bind properties and invoke commands directly on the ViewModel using simple Data Binding.

Implicit Data Template
Implicit data-template is a well-known must-have feature added to WPF, and later to Silverlight 5, providing an option to locate data-template implicitly in terms of both ContentControl and ItemsControl controls.
Using this feature, one can set a ContentControl.Content property with a data, non-visual object, or populate an ItemsControl control with such objects via binding, then let WPF/SL render it using the implicit data-template best match to this type. This implicit data-template is searched up in the resources hierarchy till found.

NotificationBox1.png NotificationBox2.png NotificationBox3.png
  • Please look at the tester projects source for usage. There are few examples over there.

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